As I Hear the Birds Sing

by Judy Aiton, CFDM Alum



Earth springs forth its Mercy, 

Space and time to no avail.

Tender shoots rise, 

Upping their magic,  

Encouraged by the Son. 


Spirit soars, 

Oh, merciful One, 

Lift high my wings 

To see the beauty of it All. 


Light of dawn, 

Moves the day, 

Soaring sees, 

Then rest and sing 

A show of Truth, 

Beloved child of God. 

 As I listen to bird songs in the morning, I hear praises to God. “Glory to God in the Highest” welcomes the day into existence. In like manner, Humanity sings its symphonies of the heart–so many voices in various keys, creating beauty in the silence, a harmonious whole. 

Yet suffering hearts of those who cannot sing, exist. They, too, speak in their silence adding to the work, yearning for grace. In the quiet rest of our hearts, we can listen to our own suffering. In that, by the grace of God, Light shines and sheds the Truth in our sorrow so we may sing again, adding to the beauty of life on this earth. 

Hope springs forth. 


*CFDM encourages practices that help us notice how God is present in all things. To learn more, visit 

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